vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) vCenter plug-in is no longer working after a vCenter update

A few days ago we processed to the upgrade of our vCenter Appliance to the lasted version AFTER checking the compatibility matrix from VMWare products to be sure that was compatible. The ESXi and the vCenter were working fine, but the vRealize Orchestrator workflows were not able to start anymore. 

Trying to understand the problem, I noticed that the vRO vCenter plugin was unable to connect to the vCenter Server. After trying a lot of configurations fine tuning with different account settings, I left it alone for a day moving to more urgent activities.

The next day, checking the compatibility matrix a new time to be sure that really be compatible, I noticed a new note that wasn’t appearing on the day before:

This new information ask the user to update the vRealize Orchestrator vCenter plug-in. Thanks VMware, but how I can upgrade this plugin without upgrading my complete vRealize Orchestrator installation (yes, I’m a n00b with this product)? 

A part of the solution can be found here :

VMware maintains a page with the vRO vCenter plug-in and this is where you can download the latest version. Therefore, it is relatively easy to update the plug-in:

  1. Download the new version from the above documentation.
  2. Unzip the file and extract the plugin itself
  3. Go to the vRO Control Center
  4. Click on Manage Plug-in
  5. Check the vSphere vCenter Plug-in version
  6. On the top of the page, click browse and upload the new version
  7. The old plug-in will be replaced
  8. Restart the vRO Workflow Designer and check if the connection is restored

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