Palo Alto User-ID and Cisco Wireless LAN controller (WLC) configuration (with SNMP traps)

3. Configure Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

  • Connect your Cisco Wireless LAN Controller management interface
    • Go to “Advanced” if you’re using version < 8.1
  • Select “MANAGEMENT” tab and click on the SNMP submenu
  • Click on the “Trap Receivers” menu and then click “New” at the top right
  • Enter a community name (we will not use this in our SNMP setup, so use a name that describes your CentOS 7 server)
  • Enter the IP address of your new installed CentOS 7 server


  • Click “Apply” to validate your configuration
  • Next, click on the “Trap Controls” menu and verify that “Client” -> “Authentication” is checked
  • Check under “Trap Logs” menu that messages appear with wireless user username and IP address in the same line

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