Quick way to bind CentOS 7/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Active Directory

Using SSSD it’s relatively easy to bind a CentOS 7 or Red Hat Enteprise Linux 7 to Active Directory service.

Install the needed binaries:

yum install realmd sssd adcli

Discover the domain:

realm discover YOURDOMAIN

Join the domain:

realm join YOURDOMAIN

Check if the domain was correctly joined:

realm list

Configuration can be found in the SSSD configuration file:


To set up security by allowing only a specific group to access the server with Active Directory, you can edit the configuration file and change the access provider like this:

access_provider = simple
simple_allow_groups = YOUR-AD-GROUP

If you need to allow only specific users, you can do the same with this configuration:

access_provider = simple
simple_allow_users = YOUR-USER1, YOUR-USER2,...

Many other ways can be used to restrict users, you can check the SSSD man page for more information.

3 Replies to “Quick way to bind CentOS 7/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Active Directory”

  1. thanks,

    please can you tell me if this affect my ad dc in any way..i mean it will not corrupt any thing in my windows dc?

  2. Thanks for your article .

    is it safe for ad . i mean will if currupt my domain controller ?
    i need to join on linux machine for squid proxy.


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