Unable to install NetApp VAAI plug-in through the VSC

Lately I encountered a problem to install the plug-in NFS VAAI on our ESXi servers for enabling hardware acceleration. I was using the GUI interface built in to the VSC plug-in where you need to put the file in a specific directory on the NetApp VSC server. The VSC returns me no error and was telling me that the plug-in was correctly installed but it was not the case. I followed the NetApp guide and contacted the support and no solution was found to use the GUI.


Tired of the situation, I simply used the second method suggested in the manual :

– Enabling SSH on ESXi hosts
– Uploading the file through SSH
– Using the CLI, checked the plug-in compatibility and version

esxcli software sources vib list -d file:///NetAppNasPlugin.v21.zip

– Installing the plug-in

esxcli software vib install -n NetAppNasPlugin -d file:///NetAppNasPlugin.v21.zip

– Rebooting the hosts

This method will solve the problem, but a bug is still present with the GUI.

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