New Archiware (PresSTORE) P5 Backup2Go CLI

With the new version of P5 Backup2Go some new command lines are available (since 5.1). One of the most important innovations is the ability to start a backup from command line from the workstation.

With management software like Absolute Manage or Casper Suite (or just Apple Remote Desktop), it’s now possible to start a backup remotely.

First, you need to find the server ID by running this CLI:

/usr/local/aw/bin/nsdchat -c Server names

With this ID, you can start the backup by running:

/usr/local/aw/bin/nsdchat -c Server SERVERID start

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  1. Hi Florent:

    To launch the backup immediately, you would need to append ‘now’ to the above command, e.g. ‘/usr/local/aw/bin/nsdchat -c Server 10001 start now. Otherwise, the job will be scheduled to be executed according to the set backup interval.

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