HP OneView 1.05: Error 8192

Recently we purchased a new HP BladeSystem c7000 with OneView, the new unified manager software from HP. During the installation, we got the error “Remote Insight/ Integrated LightsOut self test error 8192” and a lot of problems to apply profiles to the blades or to connect the iLo through the SSO.


After some investigation the problem was that we’re using only SD cards as storage in the blades and no hard drives. This is a problem in the iLo firmware 1.40 and will be fixed in the future update 1.50. If you’re stuck like us, the only way will be to install 2.5” hard drives in the blades and to remove the SD cards. There is no release date at this time for the 1.50 and it’s not possible to get a pre-release version off standard roadmap.

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    • Now that I’ve been using OneView for 2 years, I can say that the error 8192 is related to “all” iLo problems and isn’t specific to the main content of this post.

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