Configure Absolute Manage package before deployment

Before the release of Absolute Manage 6.1.2 it was possible to export a full packaged agent that includes a pre-configured preference file directly from the Agent Deployment Center. The problem was that Absolute Manage 6.1.2 introduces a certificate-signed package that use the flat package format and can’t be edited, what complicates the use of workflow with DeployStudio.

Problem of flat package being you can’t edit it without “expanding” first. When this new issue was introduced, Patrick from MacAdminCorner has posted a solution to include files in the signed package. This is a workaround but not really a definitive solution supported by Absolute Software.

The last update 6.3 pushed the last week-end introduces a new item in the Extras folder of the .dmg file (a skeleton existed in 6.2 but was not working): Absolute Manage Agent (pre 10.5).pkg. This is a package using the old-style that can be edited to add custom preferences.



  • Go to Agent Deployment Center
  • Select a computer where the agent needs to be updated
  • Click “Install agent” (it will show you a window and does not install immediately)
  • Make your change in the configuration
  • Click “Export Installer Package…” and save it somewhere
  • In the exported “Absolute Manage Agent Installer” folder, extract the items :
    • Certificates
    • DefaultDefaults.plist
    • SpecialSSLUpdater.plist
  • Copy the “Absolute Manage Agent (pre 10.5).pkg” file from the .dmg to a writable place
  • Right-click “Absolute Manage Agent (pre 10.5).pkg” and select “Show Package Contents”
  • Copy the three items exported above to /Contents/Resources in this package (replace the DefaultDefaults.plist file)


Now this package can be used to install the agent without configuration. Note that the file DefaultDefaults.plist contains other information that can’t be edited through the Agent Deployment Center like the key “CheckAppleSoftwarePatches”.

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