Absolute Manage 6.3 now with OS X profiles support

Absolute Software releases a new version of Absolute Manage that introduces the support of profiles for Mac OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8. Till now, the profiles were available for iOS devices but not for Mac OS X and OS X.


The new “Configuration Profile” appears like Software Packages and can be assigned to computers groups with the same method. There are three different options to assign a profile (from the official documentation) :

Auto-install Configuration Profiles
The profile is pushed to the computers in the group. It remains on a computer even after the computer is removed from the policy. (After this point, users can remove the profiles manually, however.)

Auto-install, Auto-remove Configurations Profiles
The profile is pushed to the computers. It is automatically deleted from a computer that is removed from the computer group.

Forbidden Configuration Profiles
The profile is removed from all computers belonging to the computer group. User profiles (as opposed to device profiles) for users not currently logged in will be removed once the user logs in to the computer the next time.

When creating a new Configuration Profile, you can choose from the five options below :

  • OS X user configuration profile
  • OS X device configuration profile
  • Load existing configuration profile and show in editor
  • Load existing configuration profile without editing
  • Load existing MCX settings file (a plist file)


The documentation says that all variables supported by Apple’s Profile Manager are available… I will start some tests in the next days and see if it’s true.

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  1. We have created a wifi profile verified with certs. Now the moment I try to upload this profile by selecting use existing profile with no editing, it loads but never executes. Throws an unknown error in commands results. Any idea??

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