Install Reposado with Margarita on CentOS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Configure clients

Now that Reposado sync its update to Apple and Margarita allows you to manage it easily you need to configure your clients to use this new installation. The basic configuration is to edit the /Library/Preferences/ file with the command “defaults write”. Reposado sync patches for all versions of Mac OS X, so depending which OS you need to update, you may use only specific address.

The standard command to configure the client is (official Reposado documentation) :

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ <Catalog URL>

Catalog URL for Mac OS X 10.4 :
http://<your hostname>/content/catalogs/index_<branchname>.sucatalog

Catalog URL for Mac OS X 10.5 :
http://<your hostname>/content/catalogs/others/index-leopard.merged-1_<branchname>.sucatalog

Catalog URL for Mac OS X 10.6 :
http://<your hostname>/content/catalogs/others/index-leopard-snowleopard.merged-1_<branchname>.sucatalog

Catalog URL for Mac OS X 10.7 :
http://<your hostname>/content/catalogs/others/index-lion-snowleopard-leopard.merged-1_<branchname>.sucatalog

Catalog URL for OS X 10.8 :
http://<your hostname>/content/catalogs/others/index-mountainlion-lion-snowleopard-leopard.merged-1_<branchname>.sucatalog

There are many ways to configure clients :
– Command line for each client
– Apple Remote Desktop (Send UNIX Command)
– Managed Preferences with Workgroup Manager (MCX)
– Profile Manager with custom Payload
– Absolute Manage by adding a script as Software Package

12 Replies to “Install Reposado with Margarita on CentOS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux”

  1. absolutely beautiful howto guide – worked perfectly

    also, per the instructions here, i added a .htaccess file to the directory /var/local/reposado/html

    with instructions found here:

    so as i only needed to put the catalogURL as on client machines and the apache2 mod_rewrite engine on the reposado box figured out which index to send it to regardless of version of the macosx client

    again, thank you for this wonderful page.

  2. I was curious if you have found a way to secure this with .htaccess? I have so far been unsuccessful. Margarita doesn’t respect the the file.

  3. Thanks for this tutorial.

    The standard command to configure the client is:
    sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL

  4. failure: repodata/c7c64887b23d8a76ac7d8b0b4a2673a3e832963c948a8700c8647f4fa8bbd339-primary.sqlite.bz2 from updates: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.

    problem connecting to softer sources

    plz help me in this regards

    thank u

  5. Brilliant work here…a single run through the setup process on Centos 6.5 resulted in a fully working reposado + margarita configuration.

    Thank you for providing such a detailed walkthrough.

  6. I am not familiar with reposado but we have working outdated reposado and just wonder how can I update so the yosemette and elcapitan clients can update from?

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