Install Reposado with Margarita on CentOS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Getting Started with Margarita

Margarita offers a very easy to use interface to Reposado. First we need to create one or more branch. A branch is a custom listing where your clients can be affiliated. Usually we need two branches : One for testing client (lab’s group) and one for all other clients. With this system you can verify the compatibility of a patch with your environment and release it to all your clients later.

– Go to the bottom of Margarita and add two branches named “TESTING” and “RELEASE” as example (eventually you can add a third branch named “REFUSED” for patches with which you have problems) :

– At the top of the page, you’ve two options for adding patches to specific branches. If you want to add all patches at a time, you can select the branch name and click “Add all products”. The second option is to click every software that you want to add by the button “Unlisted” :

– If you choose the second option, the patches are placed in a queue “Listing queue” and you need to validate your selection by pressing “Apply queue changes” at the top. The number of selected patches is shown near the link :

If a patch is removed from the Apple updates, your server will continue to offer it to clients. Margarita will show removed patch as “Deprecated” with the orange flag and you can keep it as long you want. It can be useful when a new update is not working in your environment or when a patch is removed hastily by Apple (like the iPhoto 9.1 update).

12 Replies to “Install Reposado with Margarita on CentOS / Red Hat Enterprise Linux”

  1. absolutely beautiful howto guide – worked perfectly

    also, per the instructions here, i added a .htaccess file to the directory /var/local/reposado/html

    with instructions found here:

    so as i only needed to put the catalogURL as on client machines and the apache2 mod_rewrite engine on the reposado box figured out which index to send it to regardless of version of the macosx client

    again, thank you for this wonderful page.

  2. I was curious if you have found a way to secure this with .htaccess? I have so far been unsuccessful. Margarita doesn’t respect the the file.

  3. Thanks for this tutorial.

    The standard command to configure the client is:
    sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL

  4. failure: repodata/c7c64887b23d8a76ac7d8b0b4a2673a3e832963c948a8700c8647f4fa8bbd339-primary.sqlite.bz2 from updates: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.

    problem connecting to softer sources

    plz help me in this regards

    thank u

  5. Brilliant work here…a single run through the setup process on Centos 6.5 resulted in a fully working reposado + margarita configuration.

    Thank you for providing such a detailed walkthrough.

  6. I am not familiar with reposado but we have working outdated reposado and just wonder how can I update so the yosemette and elcapitan clients can update from?

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